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3 Questions You Must Ask Your Doctor

For many of us, making a doctor appointment takes a while, even though we have a medical problem. Why? Because we are afraid of doctors. This is something in human nature and we can't deny it. However, things have changed and doctors are more and more open to discuss all the details with their patients, treat them kindly and answer all their questions. Yes, sometimes we might not understand all the medical terms and we're ashamed to ask, but we shouldn't be. Ask everything you need to know about your illness because it is your body. Here are the top 3 questions you should ask your doctor:

1. What is this test for? It's important to know the reason behind every test and, once the results are out, the meaning of every result. Only this way, you can learn more about your illness and how to fight it.

2. What are the possible complications? Every illness comes with possible complications because our body is a complicated machine. Ask your doctor about any possible complications to be prepared to identify them in case they make an appearance, and tell your doctor about them.

3. Are there any alternatives? Don't settle for the first treatment you are prescribed. Ask your doctor about side effects for every drug and if they are alternatives. Be informed about your illness and its treatment. 


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